Innovation in antiviral therapeutics

About Us

Effecta Pharma Limited is a UK-based biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel medicines to treat viral diseases, focussing on small molecule antivirals for Dengue and other flaviviruses.

Effecta Pharma is led by Dr. Helmuth van Es and Dr. Paul Edwards.Mosquito 3D

Paul Edwards has 18 years of industrial experience and has been involved with the delivery of seven clinical candidates reaching up to Phase II. Paul was previously Vice president of Chemistry for Boehringer Ingelheim ― leading a Department of 74 staff focussed on anti-infective research and has extensive experience with discovery and development of small molecule antivirals, for example for HCV and CMV.

Helmuth has co-founded Galapagos, BioConsilium and Audion Therapeutics. He has been involved with numerous (pre)-clinical development programs and is a Board member with two successful companies, including Antabio ― an antibacterial company and ModiQuest an antibody company.